Morris Island Boat Tour
Duration: 3:00
Adult $55.00
Child (3-12 yrs) $30.00
Toddler (up to 2 yrs) $0.00

Morris Island Boat Tour

Morris Island is unspoiled, undeveloped and undeniably the jewel of Charleston Harbor. It is approximately 4 miles of barrier island paradise, and you can't get there except by boat, helicopter, hot air ballon, whatever. But thats the idea! Solitude!
But thats only part of the charm. Since Morris Island is undeveloped, there's only a fraction of the people visiting there than any of the other public beaches nearby, making it the finest shell hunting beach in Charleston. Whether it's sand dollars and conch shells, or the thrill of finding that perfect shark's tooth, you'll find more goodies on Morris Island than anywhere else.
You''ll probably see dolphins, too.

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Join us on this 2.5 hour excursion. You never know, you might even find civil war relics, old bullets or even a pirates treasure- Arghhhh, which of course you'll have to share with us (think of it as our commision), or else it's Davey Jones' locker with you, matey. (Didn't Davey Jones sing for "The Monkees"? Why does he have a locker? Why are pirates constantly threatening each other with this?)

Not only is the scenery wonderful, but you'll see you share of birds, critters on the shore and everyone's favorite ocean creatures, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin.

Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled by Adventure Harbor Tours. No shows and late arrivals will not be rescheduled but you may reschedule a tour up to a day prior to departure.


While Morris Island is spectacular, it's not without its hazards . Stay out of the dunes, both for the sake of minimizing erosion and the effect on the wildlife, but more importantly for your feet! The interior of Morris Island is filled with brambles, sticker bushes, catcus and the occasional varmint. Also, there are no lifeguards anywhere out on the island, so swimming should be done elsewhere. As a matter of fact, the currents can be quite strong around Morris Island, so care is urged in water any deeper than your knees.

Sunset Cocktail Cruise
Duration: 1:30
Adult $32.00
Child $25.00

Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Yes! C'mon out with the crew from Adventure Harbor Tours on our BYOB Sunset Cocktail cruise and treat yourself to a 90 minute sightseeing journey around Charleston Harbor while cool, Caribbean tunes soothe the stress off of your busy day! We don't currently have a beer and wine license, so BRING YOUR OWN and pack a picnic as we sail by Charleston's Mega Yachts, the lovely historic district, The USS Yorktown and by the big bridge while your Captain and crew do their best to spot Charleston Harbor's coolest inhabitants, the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. FYI...Dolphins are sighted almost every day, it's very unusual NOT to see them. Towards the end of the trip, we'll maneuver into the Ashley River to watch the sun go down, and create some lasting memories. Tours start approximately 90 minute before sundown, so check the schedule to see when they go. Come see us! Please note, this tour is lightly narrated, and is NOT a history cruise.
You'll find us at Ripley Light Marina, 56 Ashley Point Drive, Charleston SC 29407, in Slip E-15.

You'll find us at SLIP E-15 at Ripley Light Marina near the big red boat.

Tickets are non-refundable unless the charter is cancelled by Adventure Harbor Tours. You can reschedule up to 24 hours prior to the departure time.

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Alcoholic beverages are allowed on our boat but you must be 21 to partake, period. The Captain reserves the right to take any alcohol away from a passenger if that passenger becomes a hazard to himself or others.
California Dreaming Restaurant is nearby, but often WILL NOT let you leave their premises with alcoholic drinks. SC has very strict open container laws. Pack a cooler and BRING YOUR OWN!
Limited to 50 seats, book early to get your preferred date.

Barrier Island educational group trips
Duration: 2:00
Ticket $16.00

Barrier Island educational group trips

2 Hour barrier Island Eco trip out to Morris Island aboard the 80 passenger Charleston Explorer. A marine Biologist will demonstrate tidal mechanics, barrier island ecology and marine biology with a 45 minute walk around uninhabited Morris Island. Trips are structured around state standards to count as curriculum credit.


80 passengers max, weather concerns addressed on a case by case basis. Groups are reminded to BE ON TIME. Groups excessively late risk their trip(s) being cut short if another group is booked after them .
All trips leave from Ripley Light Marina, 56 Ashley Point Drive, Charleston SC 29407, in the California Dreamin' parking lot, at slip E-15 unless stated at time of booking . Other pickup locations include Charleston Harbor Marina, adjacent to the USS Yorktown on K- dock and the Charleston Maritime Center downtown. Please note, the Maritime Center charges 150.00 per pickup/dropoff from their location.