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NavCal CWHistory
Duration: 1:30
Adult Civil War History $18.00
Child Civil War History $14.00
Adult Group CW History, 8 or more $13.00

NavCal CWHistory

Civil War History and sightseeing cruise shows you sights along the river with an explanation of the battle of Fort Sanders. We provide a map for use in following the sights as we go. Your crew will be the spirit of Sam Clemmons and Miss Drusilla.

FtLoudon One Way Down
Duration: 5:00
FtLoudonDown $45.00

FtLoudon One Way Down

One way trip to Ft. Loudon Lock and Dam.

FtLoudon One Way Back
Duration: 10:00
Ft Loudon back $55.00

FtLoudon One Way Back

Lock through down and back up at Ft. Loudon and then one way trip back to Knoxville.

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