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“This has been great! Much easier to manage my sales. I am very pleased...” – Brian Simms,
Charleston Sole

“Indexic has allowed us to hire a “virtual employee” and it has reduced our time on the phones by 50% allowing us to give better customer service”. – Kathie Livingston, Nature Adventure Outfitters

“Mark, just wanted to let you know the override and notes are working great and we appreciate the time you put into improving the system.” - Morgan Ziegler,
Barrier Island Eco-Tours

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Event Book Manager

At Indexic we innovate, others copy

Event Book Manager is an online event management system that allows you to convert your website from a "rack card" to a revenue generating asset freeing you to get back to what you love doing – providing fun, informative, and exciting experiences for your clients!

  • The Event Book Manager is a central location for all of your reservations and resource planning. There is no longer a need to maintain separate systems for online and onsite credit card reservations. Manage your personnel resources and track sales – all from either your desktop or your smartphone!
  • The site is easy to navigate and use, for both you and your customer. Events are offered on a calendar, allowing your customers to clearly see the date and time of your events in an easy-to-use format.
  • Go GREEN, no need to have your customers print out their receipt and waste paper, they are on a reservation list for you to check off when they arrive.
  • Indexic remains “behind the scenes.” We won’t ask you to display our logo on your website or printed materials. We help you to sell YOUR event and company – not our services.
  • Since the transaction is seamless for your customer, there is no external advertising of other tours or events on your schedule or check out page to distract your customer from purchasing from your company. That means no lost sales!
  • We provide you with an additional source of income. You can participate in an optional program where you do show other tours and events in your area AFTER your customer has purchased your tickets. You earn a commission for all other event tickets sold through your website. EASY income.
  • Process refunds for customers directly through Event Book Manager – there’s no middle man complicating the process!
  • Detailed daily transaction reports allow you to track your sales and keep up with online discounts and commissioned sales, so that you can see how much money you are making, and how much you are spending to generate those sales.
  • Event Book Manager is more than an online reservation system. With the ability to accept and process payments over the phone or in person, or to take a deposit rather than full payment at the time of reservation, we offer you and your staff the flexibility to accept payment from your customers YOUR way.
  • You don't have to stop in the middle of your busy day to change the number of spots available for your event - do it yourself in seconds with our quantity override feature. You'll never have to turn away clients, or wait to make changes in the system later with a phone call to an unknown person in a customer service center. Make the change, and get on with your day! We give you the power to make the changes easily and quickly.
  • Partner Companies -You have the option to allow hotels and other third-party vendors to make reservations for your tours in real time as an associate business partner – eliminating the need to take their reservations by phone. They only have access to your reservations calendar, so all reservations are secure.
  • We save you money, with an average fee that is less than other services.
  • We save your customer money too! Customers are charged a small per ticket non-refundable convenience fee that is 50% less than the average charged by other online reservation services.
  • We offer friendly, prompt customer service, based in a belief in true Southern hospitality. We are located in Charleston, South Carolina, and we have over 22 years of experience in Southeastern tourism. You will know your sales contact at Indexic, and they will know you.
  • We think outside the box – with optional modules that allow you to keep track of all of your resources needed for an event or tour and the personnel required to run the event, we offer much more than a method to sell your tickets online.

Event Book Manager helps you work smarter, not harder. To get started, call us at (800) 742-4781 or email us through our Contact Us on the left of the page.

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