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Who We Are

The creators of Event Book Manager, and the leaders of the Indexic family, are tour professionals just like you. We have experienced the joys and frustrations of owning and operating our own attractions and tour companies. We know what it means to you to make your business successful, and we understand how much effort goes into making that success a reality.

The Creators

Event Book Manager was born of necessity. Mark and Barbara Fox own and operate a tour boat in the Charleston, South Carolina market. As the owners of a “Mom and Pop” company, they have worn every hat in running the business – captain, crew, accountant, marketing guru, and sales person. After a few hectic days at the dock, Barbara realized that she needed an easy-to-use reservation management system that she could access from her smartphone while greeting and checking in customers. She knew just the guy to help her – she was married to him.

Mark was a computer programmer before he put on his professional captain’s hat, so he spent a lot of long hours in their home office to create the system that Barbara requested. Both Mark and Barbara are long-time sailors, and the environmental impact  involved in a paper system (not to mention the hassle of keeping up with all those files and calendars while on the go) meant that the system that Mark created needed to be paperless – and it is. When the couple realized that Mark had created something that out-performed the closest competition, they decided that it was time to share the technology with the world. That system became Event Book Manager.

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